Company's Newest News...

July 2017

The official “Tobacco Institute in Bulgaria” tested Stanley high tech serum against Viral Diseases in different doses on all tobacco varieties. They responsibly recommend Stanley to the Farmers!!!

June 2017

Presentation of Ledra Company in Cyprus for potato farmers in Larnaca and Educational Plant Nutrition Seminar for Cyprus Crops in Agia Napa.

October 2016

Presentation of Ledra company and successful seminar for nutrients’ demands & high tech fertilization for greenhouse crops and trees in Crete.

September 2016

Presentation of Ledra Company in Cyprus for greenhouse farmers in Larnaca at Agia Napa.

March 2015

Skopje experiences the amazing results of Stopfreeze application, vineyard and peach Farmers used Stopfreeze at more than 900 Hectares at conditions of -2oC and -4oC during 2 different frosts (end of March and beggining of April). All kind of grapes and peaches kept being vivid and gave at the end of the season fruitful and satisfactory harvest!!

Unfortunately, some neighbors who did not apply Stopfreeze, experienced total destruction.

April 2015

Our esteemed representative in Egypt at the International Exhibition “Agribusiness Cairo 2015” celebrating their leadership in the field of fertilizers.

December 2014

Based on the Friendship Pact between Greek and Chinese Government, we gave 2 successful seminars for the olive tree nutrients’ demands & high tech fertilization to a cluster of Chinese University Professors and Post doc researchers.